Day 1 (2 Hours) Personal Car Training

Day One Car Driving Class – You will train for at least 30 kilometers. ( 2 Hours )

  • Fundamental of Clutch and How to use it to make gears smooth.
  • What is the optimal foot position to press a clutch?
  • Basics of a car break  How to Brake Smoothly to stop the car and slow down a car without holding the brake.?
  • What should you do to avoid the need for sudden braking?
  • Complete details of the accelerator and how it works and uses it perfectly.
  • Can a car move in first gear without acceleration? and How to move the car in first gear without using the accelerator.?
  • To drive a car we need to know how to properly adjust the seat we are sitting on.
  • After we sit on the seat, the right side mirror, left side mirror, and center mirror, all three should be fitted properly. You need to know how to fit it properly.
  • Why do you have to roll down the windows for 5 minutes after opening the car in the morning?
  • After turning on the car, can I turn on the AC or not? What should I do before turning on the AC.?
  • What should I check on the engine before starting the car in the morning?
  • How much air should the front wheel get and how much air should the rear wheel get? Know how much air the car needs if it gets crowded.
  • How many days should the car be air tested?
  • What should be the minimum amount of petrol in the car and how much should be the maximum?
  • Know the minimum amount of petrol in the car that will give good mileage.
  • How to check the ignition before starting the car?
  • What to do if the car does not turn on immediately in the morning when it is raining or snowing..?
  • What to do if there is smoke coming from the bonnet in the car?
  • Where to use Dim Light Know where to use the headlight?
  • It is important to know the temperature of the car.
  • You need to know what happens in the car if the car’s temperature suddenly increases.
  • If you don’t notice the smoke coming from the bonnet if the temperature of the car rises immediately, it will catch fire immediately. So what should be done to prevent this?
  • What to do if the AC in the car is not cooling but only hot air is coming?
  • Who is responsible for the accident if someone in your car opens the door? How to prevent that accident?
  • What to do when loading and unloading your car on the speed brake So that the rear of the car does not lift
  • Why should we look at the center mirror immediately we are driving fast and suddenly have to brake suddenly?
  • Why shouldn’t we allow the people sitting next to us to turn on the AC or the FM while driving?
  • When we travel with family in the car, family members bring their things to talk about. The person sitting in the driver’s seat should drive the vehicle with a 95%  view of the main road. The entire focus should be on the road. Only 5% or 10% want to ask about family matters.
  • Why do you need to turn off the vehicle while filling petrol or diesel?
  • Why not switch the vehicle to diesel instead of petrol or petrol instead of diesel? 

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