Day 7 (4 Hours) NH45 Highway Training

You will train at NH45. (4 Hours)

  • Practice how to go 80kmph or 100kmph on the highway without fear.
  • How to overtake every vehicle in front of you on the highway. Do you have to do it on the right side while overtaking the highway? Or do you want to do it on the left side?
  • We will teach about the Types Of Roads and Lane System In India.
  • What to do if your brakes stop working on the highway?
  • How to brake while driving fast on the highway.
  • How do we find out if the vehicle in front of us takes its foot off the accelerator without applying the brakes and slows down?
  • If you have to take a U-Turn while traveling on the highway, how to do a U-Turn without an accident..?


  • We will guide you How to check car engine Oil level & quality of your car correctly.
  • We will teach you When should we change car engine oil.
  • We will share you how to check and maintain coolant level in car.
  • Get the Tips to maintain your car radiator
  • Get the step by step tips for How To Fix The Puncture Of Your Car Tyre Yourself?
  • We will train you How to Maintain Your Car’s Air Conditioner

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